Her Recovery Experience and Her Relationships with Louisiana Spirit Crisis Counselors

>> It's just been one thing
after the other with me

and people be wondering asking
about how do you do it?

How do you withstand it and it's not me.

I promise you it's not me--
it's that man upstairs.

And when people that come into your
lives like Katrina and Ms. Keisha

and Ellie Spirit I think you all,
I applaud you all for the help

that they have given me and
my family, especially me.

She called me and she said she wanted to meet
with me and talk to me and I was like okay

and from that point on, we have hit it off.

You know how you find a person that has
the same type of heart that you have?

It is very rare in this day
and age that you can confide--

because it's not too many
people that I confide in.

They give me a bunch of tools to use and to
help me, but it's just having that someone

to talk to, that one on one to
talk to because I don't drive.

And I can't get to a lot of places
and I really appreciate them having--

that they could come to me and I can vent
and if I have to go off and I have to jump up

and down up and here they don't judge me.

They don't judge me for what I'm doing
or what I'm not doing and I like that.