Her Recovery Experience and How Louisiana Spirit Has Helped Her

[ Silence ]

>> Life before Katrina was pretty good.

My husband and I, we were still together.

Our whole family striving.

We both had full time jobs.

The kids were in school, and we had
goals to start our own business.

Right after Katrina we realized that we were
not going back home, so we moved up to Georgia.

A volunteer family came in and he knew
someone, and he got me a full time job.

But my husband, he had a very
hard time finding work in Georgia,

and that's when our problems
started getting worse.

And then we started seeing commercials in
Georgia, and it was saying there was a lot

of help for the people that
wanted to return home,

and if you would return home
there would be benefits.

So we decided to come back home.

At that time my husband, he started...

still having negative behaviors and
just not being a family oriented person,

and eventually he left.

He left the family, and I was still in a
position where I trying to make everything work.

I knew I needed help because
I was depressed a lot.

It was just hard to pick myself up, it was
very hard for me to interact with my kids

because I was just failing in a lot of areas.

Louisiana Spirit did a lot of
things for me and my family.

They taught me how to cope.

They showed me that there is
love and support in a community.

They also gave me ways that
I can deal with my situation.

When I'm stressed and I'm at my
lowest point, they told me that,

find a space that you're comfortable
in and when you find that space,

just go to that space and enjoy yourself.

That's what I do - I think about
the positive things in life,

and whenever I accomplish something,
even if I fail at something I know

that I have someone that's waiting to hear it,

and then they're ready to
offer some very good advice.

The team is still supporting me, they
still come out, they still talk to me,

and even when I bring certain things up
they tell me - well think about what we came

from and what we've accomplished now.

I think about that and it gives
me hope, it gives me inspiration.

My relationship with my family
has changed dramatically.

I have a daughter that's 17 years
old and she always says, you know,

Mama I'm glad you're better now because
you used to have mood swings all the time.

She said now I can talk to you.

She said I'm so happy you're better.

The twins, they get me to play with them more.

I can play with them, and I can interact, I
can go to events that they have at school.

My son, he's active in a lot of
different programs and organizations,

and now I have the strength, now I have the
motivation to just get up and move with my kids.