Why is Louisiana Spirit Unique?

>> This was the largest disaster response that
I had ever been involved in and as it's turning

out probably the largest that the
United States has ever experienced.

I had an opportunity prior to this a few years
back to work with Dr. Spires [assumed spelling]

with a few other hurricane
programs but they were much smaller.

And so we were able to kind of
reconnect them with resources

because the basis resources
themselves had not been affected.

This was much different.

We did not have our own resources to be
able to provide to folks that had to rely

on outside resources for a long period of time
which is a help; it also complicated things

because each particular state-- Philadelphia's
different from Louisiana, which is different

from DC, has a culture of its own,
and so having folks come in who wanted

to help them understand how to assist the
survivors, what would be unique about working

with folks from a particular area, and
again it was different because we had people

from one area who had been displaced
to another; who felt very unwelcome

at one point, misunderstood, just isolated.

And so it was very complex and very different
for the magnitude of people that were displaced,

the amount of damage that happened, both to
homes and to our own public infrastructure,

not having our own staff available because
they like myself had been displaced.

Many as far away as Georgia,
Oklahoma, California,

and so someone who could have been a
support to a survivor who, take an example,

was living with a mental illness was not
available to them and so we had to be skillful

in matching folks who would go
out and then re-engage those folks

so that they would not regress

or have difficulties accepting
the services that were available.