Appropriate Staffing for a Call Center Environment

>> Because I don't care how
much technology you have.

You need that heartfelt person
on the other end of that phone,

and what you're trying to build is hope.

So I think the key ingredient find
the right people to answer the phone.

You'll definitely bring that hope to that
tragedy so you've got to have someone

on that other end of that line that can really
just open up your heart and listen because some

of the conversation can go on
for an hour, thirty minutes,

and a large part of it maybe they're
just yelling and screaming and crying.

And you've got to wait, you've got to take some
deep breaths so that's the key thing I believe

if you're trying to mend, to pull back
together a sense of coming togetherness;

you need the right people in a call center.