Partnerships that Facilitated and Expanded Outreach

>> For us everyone was affected and for
us everyone was a part of our solution.

So we certainly did have spiritual leaders
as a part of our Louisiana Spirit program,

both those who were employed by us and
both those who were partners with us.

The other unlikely group besides a faith-based
organization, was working with private industry

and with businesses people overlooked the
fact that as we all went out to buy new cars

or to purchase clothes, people told their
stories which was very therapeutic for them;

but those particular merchants also had
compassion fatigue and we partnered with them

and provided stress management to
them, and as a result of that many

of them became much more ready to
provide special incentives for people

to purchase a car and that kind of stuff.

And finally, we reached out to folks
who were hearing the stories of folks

who had lost their homes and
were applying for the road home.

Those staff folks had very long hours,
they had deadlines they had to make

so that their agency would not lose money as
a part of the agreement with the state to kind

of make sure that folks like myself and
other folks who were homeowners could get

that golden check and to go back and rebuild.

So we partnered with them, got information
from them to give to survivors and also worked

with them so that they could have some
stress release as they did their work.