Outreach to Children

>> We outreached where kids were.

Why folks outreached there, knocking on the
doors of the trailers, talking with the children

and their families, we made enrolls
into the schools so if kids returned

to the schools we partnered with, the
school's social workers, the counselors

and the principals and so got permission
from the parents and the teachers

to engage them maybe later on in some group
sessions where they could then safely talk

about their issues and we could help them
gain mastery of the fears that they had.

We used summer camps; we used all
kind of mechanisms that worked

with children depending upon the level.

If it was a much younger child, it was more
play related; if it was older kids it was more

in a group setting that we
tried to talk with them.

For those kids that were having
significant difficulties,

the counselors got permission
to meet with them one on one.