Lessons Learned in Organizing and Delivering Program Services: Design and Implement Management and Quality Assurance Systems that are Detailed and Well Documented

The complexity of operating a program the size of Louisiana Spirit taught the State a tremendous amount regarding the monitoring of crisis counseling programs. These challenges led to the development of the program’s Management Toolkit, an extensive resource that assisted management staff in making data-driven, informed decisions about the strategic direction of the program. This toolkit was organized into the following three sections:

With each of the three sections functioning in concert with the others, the Management Toolkit served as the backbone of Louisiana Spirit’s operations. It served as an effective resource for jump starting all aspects of the program and was an integral tool for ensuring that service delivery was based on the true needs of each community, as conveyed directly from field staff and community partners.

View a sample of the toolkit's Well-being Index (pdf, 2.9MB)