RESOURCES: Trainings

  • Comfort for Kids (zip, 868kb)

  • Core Content Training

    The basic training of the CCP that provides crisis counselors with critical information and skills. While this typically is done in the first few weeks of the ISP, it is expected that mechanisms for ongoing training are in place to allow all new crisis counselors to have Core Content Training prior to working independently within the program.

  • Transition to RSP Training

    A training that provides a review of key concepts and crisis counseling skills, with an emphasis on issues to be anticipated in the longer term RSP; in other words, how RSP needs may differ or evolve from those encountered in the more immediate disaster aftermath.

  • RSP Midprogram Training

    A training usually held 3-6 months into the RSP, but its timing varies depending on the length of the ISP. It addresses issues of staff morale and stress management related to the disillusionment phase of disaster. The training focuses on continuing outreach and service provision under difficult circumstances. It includes problem solving for specific CCP issues encountered. It begins to address the subject of eventual program phasedown.

  • Disaster Anniversary Training

    A training held several weeks before the first anniversary of the disaster event. It focuses on expected anniversary reactions and intervention strategies.

  • RSP Phasedown Training

    A training that usually takes place 6–8 weeks prior to the program's scheduled phasedown. Program phasedown issues include managing staff stress, future planning, assisting the program and its staff to document the event, planning to leave a legacy for the community, and dealing with referral and continued-services issues via community partnerships.