Minimum Data Set (MDS) - Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI)

The RAI consists of three parts: the Minimum Data Set (MDS) Version 3.0, the Care Area Assessment (CAA) process and the RAI Utilization Guidelines.

The utilization of the three components gives information about a resident's funtional staus, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, as well as offering guidance on further assessment once problems have been identified.


Training - Updated with 2016 SNF QRP and Casper report training slides


QTSO - Alerts and Downtimes - updated 11/2016


S & C Memos - updated 11/2016

State Requirements 



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CHOWs/Address change scenarios: & what to do with assessments?

Section Q and What is the Responsibility of the Nursing Home? 

Section Q MDS 3.0 website page


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628 N. 4th Street
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Contact Information

Jonelle Thompson, RN /Louisiana RAI State Coordinator
(800) 261-1318 / or (225) 342-2428
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 11/2016Section GG Question and Answer document

Video Series on Section GGThis four-part video series presents MDS 3.0 Section GG and is available on the CMS YouTube Channel at



CMS clarifies M0300 in RAI manual correction "present on admission"- Pressure Ulcers.


Download New CMS Documents for the 2016 Release of MDS

CMS has released 3 new documents related to the Oct. 1, 2016, release of MDS:

  • The MDS final 2016 Part A Discharge (End of Stay) (NPE/SPE) item set
  • The final MDS 3.0 Sections A and GG
  • The final SNF Quality Reporting Program specifications for the quality measures adopted through the FY 2016 final rule

The documents are available from the Downloads section at the bottom of the CMS SNF Quality Reporting Program Measures and Technical Information website.