Nurse Aide (CNA) Training and Certification

Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry information is available at:

Click here to verify status of CNA or DSW on the registry.


Emergency Preparedness
Online Verification of Nurse Aide Certification

Online verification of certification for aides in Louisiana is available at This website is to be used when verification is required on a regular basis and during an emergency.

Aides from other states must be certified in their home state in order to work in Louisiana during an emergency. Providers may use the Directory of State Registries to contact out-of-state certification authorities and verify the certification. The aide may work in Louisiana during an emergency for up to 30 days, using the verification of certification from their home state. If the aide wishes to work more than 30 days during the emergency or afterwards, they must apply for reciprocity with the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry.


Contact Information

Ash-Leigh Garcia, Program Manager
(225) 342-5779
(225) 342-4549