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Common Questions - LaHIPP

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What is LaHIPP?
How does LaHIPP decide if it will pay for our insurance?
Why do I need LaHIPP?
I have 3 children who are on Medicaid. I work and can get insurance from my job, but I cannot afford it. How can LaHIPP help us?
Why should we have health insurance and Medicaid?
How does LaHIPP work?
Who may qualify for LaHIPP?
May I choose not to participate in LaHIPP?
Are the LaHIPP premium payments sent directly to me?
I would like to apply for LaHIPP. How can I do this?
I got a letter from LaHIPP, but I did not apply for it. What should I do?
Do I need to let LaHIPP know if I change jobs or if there are any changes to my insurance like if it ends, the insurance company changes, or I add or drop someone?
How long will Medicaid's LaHIPP pay my health insurance premiums?
LaHIPP pays insurance premiums as long as the insurance continues to be cost-effective. What does cost-effective mean?
What do I do with the Employer Health Insurance Information form that LaHIPP sent me?
What is “FULL coverage” Medicaid?
If I am enrolled in LaHIPP, can I make changes to my health Insurance?
I just started a job and I will be able to sign up for insurance in a few weeks. Can I apply for LaHIPP now?
I am pregnant and Medicaid is paying my health insurance, what happens when I have the baby?
What happens if I get an insurance premium payment check from LaHIPP that I am not eligible for?
I lost my job and was told that I can keep my health insurance. Medicaid was paying for this insurance. Will Medicaid still pay it?