Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals | Kathy Kliebert, Secretary

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Common Questions - LaMOMS

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What is LaMOMS?
Who can apply for LaMOMS?
Will the LaMOMS income limits change?
How can I apply for LaMOMS?
What will happen to my LaMOMS application?
What services are covered through the LaMOMS program?
Can I choose my own doctor through the LaMOMS program?
Can I be paid back for medical services I received before I applied for LaMOMS?
What if I am interested in LaMOMS but I already have insurance coverage?
How much will LaMOMS cost me?
What if I am not a U. S. citizen?
If I am still waiting for my legal citizenship documents, am I covered?
If my income or household changes, will I lose my health coverage through LaMOMS?
If I'm covered by LaMOMS, what health care coverage will my child have after birth?
Who can I call for help to complete an application for any Medicaid program?