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Common Questions - Provider FAQ: Recipient Outreach

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What happens when a patient comes into our office and we find he is not linked to our Health Plan?
How difficult is it to link a patient not in our Health Plan to our Health Plan?
How does DHH assign Medicaid patients to the Health Plans?
How does DHH handle those patients that have Medicaid as a secondary insurance?
Will the patient be allowed to move from one Health Plan to another?
Do the patient's ID cards look different for each Health Plan?
Do the patient's still have different types of coverage (for example Family Planning, etc)?
What programs are available?
How will Health Plans ensure that their patients use their regular doctor's office when patients may have easy and unregulated access to urgent care clinics?
Can a recipient choose a specialist as their PCP?
Which Medicaid recipients are excluded from participation in the Managed Care Plans?
Are there any limits for providers on marketing with a Health Plan?
Why can't expectant mothers choose a pediatrician prior to the baby's birth?