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 Hepatitis Awareness Month:

The month of May is designated as Hepatitis Awareness Month in the United States, and May 19th is National Hepatitis Awareness Day. During May, CDC and its public health partners work to shed light on this hidden epidemic by raising awareness of viral hepatitis and encouraging priority populations to get tested on World Hepatitis Testing Day.


World Hepatitis Testing Day - Monday July 28th

In order to mark the day, a hepatitis testing event is being held in three locations: New Orleans, LA - Baton Rouge, LA - Dallas, TX on Saturday, July 26, 2014. Both the Baton Rouge and Dallas locations are to be announced. The New Orleans location will be at Audubon Park. Volunteers are welcome to contact DIelda Robertson at (504) 568-8289 or email to More information will be available shortly.


 Hepatitis Risk Assessment: Online Tool

     Find out if you should be tested by taking a 5-minute online Hepatitis Risk Assessment, designed to determine an individual's risk for viral hepatitis and ask questions based upon CDC's guidelines for testing and vaccination. This risk assessment tool allows individuals to answer questions privately, either in their home or in a health care setting, and print their recommendations to discuss with their doctor. May 19 is National Hepatitis Testing Day


To Report a Disease   


     Viral hepatitis is an infection that affects the liver. There are at least six different types of hepatitis (A-G), with the three most common types being hepatitis A (HAV), hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis C (HCV).

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                                The Difference Between Hepatitis A,B and C

Hepatitis A is an acute infection and people usually improve without treatment. 
There is a vaccine to prevent Hepatitis A.

Hepatitis B can cause a chronic, persistent infection, which can lead to chronic liver disease.
There is a vaccine to prevent Hepatitis B.

           Louisiana's Perinatal Hepatitis B Program

Hepatitis C can cause a chronic, persistent infection, which can lead to chronic liver disease.
There is not a vaccine to prevent Hepatitis C.



Hepatitis in Louisiana - Annual Reports  
            Hepatitis A          Hepatitis B         Hepatitis C        Hepatitis D       Hepatitis E               

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Guidelines For Viral Hepatitis Surveillance And Case Management-CDC

CDC Hepatitis Website                      Know More Hepatitis Campaign-CDC

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