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To Report Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and HIV: 

STD Reporting

Reportable STDs (other than HIV) can be reported through the following methods:

Mail - STDs may be reported through the mail using the "Louisiana Confidential Report of Sexually Transmitted Diseases" form (STD 43).  Click here to download the form and click here  to download the form instructions.  Copy the form as needed.  Complete and mail or fax to:

STD/HIV Program
Louisiana Office of Public Health
PO Box 60630
New Orleans, La 70160
(504) 568-7474 (telephone)
(504) 568-8384 (confidential fax)

Phone - Reports of early syphilis cases should be made by phone to the number above, or to your regional STD Program staff.  Click here for regional contact information.

Electronic - STDs and HIV can be reported electronically through the Infectious Disease Reporting Information System (IDRIS), operated by the Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program.  For information on setting up IDRIS reporting at your facility, contact:

Christina Romalewski
Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program
(504) 568-8302

HIV Reporting

HIV, AIDS, and perinatal HIV exposure can be reported electronically through IDRIS (above), or by phone, mail (click here to print), or site visit through your regional HIV Field Epidemiologist (FE).  
Click here for regional FE contact information, or contact:

Betsy Shepard, FE Supervisor                       Elliott Brannon, Perinatal STD/HIV Surveillance Supervisor
STD/HIV Program                                                 STD/HIV Program
1450 Poydras St, Suite 2136                               1450 Poydras St, Suite 2136
New Orleans, LA 70112                                      New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 568-7526                                                   (504) 568-5133

STD/HIV Laboratory Reporting  

Required laboratory reporting of STD and HIV-related results can be done electronically or by mail.  For information on STD/HIV Laboratory Surveillance and assistance in setting up electronic reporting, contact:

Rashad Arcement
STD/HIV Program
1450 Poydras St, Suite 2136
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 568-3384 or  (504) 568-7474