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Top Ten Men's Health Websites

  1. WebMD Men's Health Center ( - WebMD is probably the best place to find health information, and their Men's Health Center is top notch. Start your search here.
  2. Men's Health ( - Arguably the top magazine covering men's health issues, their Web site is a plethora of information.
  3. Men's Fitness ( - Similar to Men's Health, this magazine's website focuses more on getting fit and staying that way.
  4. Men's Health Network ( - A very good resource for men with a lot of content ranging from selecting safe sexual partners to finding free healthcare.
  5. The Male Health Center ( - Claims to be the first center in the U.S. specializing in male health. It is located in Lewisville, Texas but has a strong web presence with good information on certain topics.
  6. The Prostate Cancer Foundation ( - A Web site that covers prostate cancer research, treatment, prevention, and recovery.
  7. The Regrowth Network ( - A Web site that tells you just about anything you need to know about male hair loss.
  8. St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital ( -  A famous teaching hospital where you can find all the latest cutting edge medical research and practices, not only for men's issues but for health care issues in general.
  9. The Prostate Net ( Another excellent online resource for those researching prostate cancer.
  10. Diagnostic Center for Men ( - A no frills website with various categories of health and medical related information.