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Nurse Aide Certification - Test for Recertification

Aides may view their contact information and work history, as it appears on the registry at:
        - If work in an approved setting is not listed, contact the provider and ask them to report the work history  
          to the registry.  This could possibly be the work history needed for recertification.

In accordance with the Nurse Aide Training Rule, published June 20, 2012, certified nurse aides (CNAs) who do not have proof of at least 8 hours of paid employment in an approved setting (in a 24-month period) may retest within the 2 years immediately following the expiration of the certification, to be recertified.
A. Aides are required to schedule the test and pay for the test.
       B. Aides have one opportunity to test for recertification.  If an aide fails to test during the 2 year
od following the expiration of their certification or if the aide does not pass any part (written or skills)
           of the test, they are required to retrain.

I. To determine if you are eligible to test:
       1. Go to to verify your certification period.  If your certification status is "not 
" and the date by which you will have to retest has not expired; you are eligible to retest
              a. Print the page which verifies your certification period.  The page which verifies your certification   
                  period and current, official picture identification shall be presented to the tester; to be admitted to the 

       2. Contact a DHH approved tester to schedule the test.  The tester will also give you information      
           regarding the cost of the test.

II. To determine if you are not eligible to test:
       1. Go to to verify your certification period.  If your certification status is "not  
and the date by which you would have to retest has 
expired; you will need 
           to retrain.

A copy of the "Nurse Aide Training Rule" and additional information regarding certification are available at: 



                                                                                                                                                       updated 2-10-12