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Louisiana Oral Health Coalition


A Louisiana where people of all ages have excellent oral health.


To coordinate the provision of information, resources, and services so that all people of all ages can have excellent oral health.

Areas of Focus

Access - Increase access to quality, comprehensive, and continuous oral health services for all Louisiana citizens throughout their life stages.

Education - Through the use of linguistically appropriate, culturally competent materials and methods, empower Louisiana citizens to improve their oral health by changing perceptions and increasing awareness of oral health and hygiene practices.

Prevention - Improve and maintain oral health, and prevent the progression of oral disease through interventions that address risk factors and at-risk populations

Surveillance & Evaluation - Maintain and expand a statewide Oral Health Surveillance system to monitor the status of oral disease in Louisiana, to improve oral health outcomes through implementation of evidence based strategies, and to guide policy changes that will improve oral health for all Louisiana citizens.

Workforce - Support the efforts to ensure the preparation of, and the recruitment and retention of, an oral health workforce that is adequate and skilled, so that it may better service the state's population groups.

We're here for your oral health...

The Louisiana Statewide Oral Health Coalition is a voluntary collaborative representing oral health interests throughout Louisiana. The first major effort of the Coalition was to create a state plan for improving the oral health of Louisiana residents. Prior to this state plan, multiple organizations were completing the same work in the aim of improving Louisiana oral health. The state plan is a method to connect these agencies, improve upon their work, establish collaborations, and reach more of the state's population. Furthermore, the Coalition has made a commitment to improve oral health by utilizing evidence-based, best practices that will better use the resources at hand.

How can I contribute?

The Coalition is always looking for new methods and ideas for oral health programs. Membership is open to any agency, organization, or individual who demonstrates an interest in oral health for Louisiana. Your membership is desired and valued.

How can I join?

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