Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals | Kathy Kliebert, Secretary

Statewide Initiatives

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The Prevention Program of the STD/HIV Program (SHP) is primarily funded through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and receives additional support from the State of Louisiana.

Major prevention activities include:

Community Base Organizations (CBOs): Funding is provided to over 20 CBOs throughout the state to conduct HIV prevention activities such as outreach, HIV counseling and testing, and prevention for HIV positive individuals.

Community Planning: HIV prevention needs are determined by local, regional, and state community planning groups. The planning groups are comprised of individuals throughout the state and include representatives from a variety of agencies, including the Department of Education and the Office of Addictive Disorders.

HIV Counseling, Testing, and Partner Counseling and Referral Services: Counseling, HIV antibody testing, referral and partner counseling and referral services are available at no cost through parish health units and CBOs statewide.

Operation Protect: This statewide program provides educational materials and supplies to parish health units, CBOs, and businesses in high-risk areas to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.

The Louisiana Statewide AIDS/STD Infoline: Information about HIV/AIDS and other STDs and referrals for prevention and care services are provided to callers anyonomously and at no cost at 1-800-99-AIDS-9.  Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Training and Education: Trainings focused on conducting HIV prevention activities are available to publicly funded agencies throughout the state. Educational materials are provided to public agencies to enhance HIV prevention efforts.