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Family Planning

The Family Planning Program provides resources and services for women and men in regard to their reproductive health.

This program aims to reduce female and infant mortality, morbidity, and teen pregnancy by providing disease screening, health education, counseling and contraceptive methods. Individuals and families are also provided with information regarding reproductive health.


What's New

  • Pregnancy Info Website
  • Delgado Personal Health Center has started providing family planning services.
    517 N. Rampart St.
    New Orleans, LA
    Phone: 504.903.5401 or 504.658.2624
  • Male Family Planning and related health information, education and clinical services being offered for 13-24 years of age @ Tulane Adolescent Drop-In Clinic located at 611 North Rampart Street, New Orleans

Highlighted Facts

  • 53,800 clients were served in the Louisiana Family Planning Program in 2010. 
  • 90% of the clients served in the Louisiana Family Planning Program were below 100% of poverty. 
  • Louisiana's teenage pregnancy rate has declined by 19%. 
  • 71,520 women screened for sexually transmitted infections like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis. 
  • 7,012 men and women reached in on-on-one educational outreach sessions in 2010. 
  • For every government dollar spent on family planning services in Louisiana, an average of $4.40 is saved as a result of averting expenditures on medical services, welfare and nutritional services. 
  • For $1 spent on family planning services in Louisiana, an estimated $12 is saved in costs associated with unintended pregnancy. 
  • $78 per woman in need was spent on contraceptive services and supplies. 
  • Title X supported Family Planning clinics in Louisiana help women prevent 17,700 unintended pregnancies each year. 
  • 17,213 Pap smears performed to screen for cervical cancer. 
  • There are currently 66,085 women enrolled in the Take Charge program. 
  • 34,272 women taught how to do self breast exams. 
  • 11,177 clients counseled & tested for HIV

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